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what can ferrets eat

What can ferrets eat?

Ferrets are carnivores and need to have meat and meat based products in their diet.

are ferrets good pets

Are ferrets good pets?

A ferret might be an unusual choice but, if you’re thinking about getting one then you’ll need to know if they make good pets.

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are chicken livers good for ferrets

Are chicken livers good for ferrets?

As carnivores ferrets will and should eat a wide range of meat and meat types. But what about offal? Can they have chicken livers for example?

are pet rats nocturnal

Are pet rats nocturnal?

Are pet rats like hamsters and gerbils and nocturnal, or are they awake during the day?

are rats hard to take care of

Are rats hard to take care of?

How difficult is it to take care of a pet rat? Let’s look at what you need to know.

are rats a good pet

Are rats a good pet?

If you’ve ever wondered about getting a pet rat then you might want to know if they make good pets.

why does my ferret lick me

Why does my ferret lick me?

Ferrets lick people for a variety of reasons and often it’s simply because they taste nice.

will ferrets kill mice

Will ferrets kill mice?

If you have mice around then having a ferret could be the solution.