What do ferrets like to play with?

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  • Date: September 15, 2022
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Ferrets are energetic, playful creatures. That’s why it is so important to provide them with a variety of toys and play areas.

Remember, ferrets are den animals. They enjoy dark, quiet spaces to sleep and “den” in.

Your ferrets will love to wrestle with each other, chase after you with their favorite toy and think up many ways to entertain themselves. But they’ll also benefit from physical play-time with you. You should include mental stimulation as well. Be creative! What can you do every day to enrich your ferrets environment?

Keep ferret entertainment varied

Ideally, it’s best to introduce a new toy or enrichment item every couple of days.

By providing a variety of fun things for them, you’ll keep them stimulated and interested in devices made just for them. Here are some good options:

Include a few “ferret-proof” plastic containers.

Remove the lid and let your ferrets run in and out of these boxes. You can also hide a treat inside for them to find, once they learn how to open it!

A box with holes cut into it is another great idea.

Your ferrets will enjoy digging through this to discover what’s inside or eat the “stash” that you put in there.

A fun toy idea is a cardboard box fort.

This can be something special you build and it can include blankets for your ferret to cozy up in. Just remember to keep it safe, since you may not be able to supervise all the time.

What do ferrets like to play with?
Ferrets enjoy playtime

Ferrets love tunnels

Ferret tunnels are a great choice for ferrets, too.

They love to play inside and hide treats. If you don’t have a tunnel readily available, use an old shirt or other soft material draping from furniture. Encourage your pets to run through it.

Cardboard tubes, of the type that carpet is rolled onto, are great fun for ferrets. They make great tunnels and you can normally get them for free.

They satisfy your ferret’s desire to explore and play hide and seek.

Try the pet store

Many pet stores sell toys specifically made for ferrets, such as fuzzy mice, wands with feathers or textured rope pieces.

Your options are endless! Just remember that whatever you buy should be non toxic and ferret proof.

Can ferrets play with other animals?

Well, they certainly enjoy the company of other ferrets and they can happily get along with cats and dogs.

Ferrets are natural predators and you should always supervise them when they are around other pets and animals. Their bite can be severe and fatal to some pets.

Don’t allow your ferret to be around your pet rabbits, mice or chickens – he may end up eating them.

Can I take my ferret for a walk?

I used to know a girl that had several pet ferrets and who used to walk them on a leash along the main street.

It was an unusual sight, seeing three ferrets on leads sniffing at dogs, bushes and other things as they bounced along.

So, the answer is yes, you can take ferrets for a walk.

You will need to make sure that they are secure on their leash as they are very curious creatures and will want to explore everything as they travel.

The Marshall Ferret Leash on Amazon is a great choice for ferret walking.

Remember that if you do decide to take your ferret for a walk then try to go to places that are not frequented by other animals, such as dogs, so that you reduce the risk of your pet picking up any ailments or other things that could harm him.

Do ferrets need chew toys?

Yes, ferrets love chew toys and they need to be provided with these.

They need plenty of crunchy things to keep their teeth trim and this is important for dental health.

Natural wooden chew toys such as these Best Fire ones make a great option for ferrets and other small animals.

Ferrets also like to play with and chase balls

Anything that rolls and that can be chased is of great delight to ferrets who love to play ball.

Find a tough, small ball that your ferret can hold in his paws and it will keep him entertained.

These Nite Angel Organic Fiber Balls are a good choice.

Final Words

We know they like to play with their human friends, but what else do ferrets love to play with? It turns out that it is a lot of the same things we enjoy playing with; balls and stuffed animals.

They also have fun playing in tubes or boxes as well as exploring new environments under supervision.

Provide your ferret with plenty of toys so he can exercise and explore safely.