Should ferrets have a water bowl or water bottle?

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Ferrets are very playful and energetic animals, so they need a lot of water. But how should it be delivered to them? If you have a ferret that is thirsty, which is better for them: A water bowl or a water bottle?

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You should always use a water bowl instead of a bottle, this will ensure that your ferret always has access to water. To prevent the bowl from tipping over get one that is made for spaniels that has an anti slip ring on the bottom. These make ideal water dishes for ferrets.

What type of water dish is best for ferrets?

If you buy a water dish for your ferret, make sure that it is made of stainless steel.

Ferrets like to chew and a plastic dish is likely to end up in pieces plus your ferret could be at risk of eating the plastic.

Stainless steel dishes are tough and easy to clean, you can put them in the dishwasher if they get really dirty and they are resilient enough to stand up to the roughest of ferrets.

What sort of water should ferrets have?

This may sound like a stupid question however you should really try to give distilled water to ferrets or water that has been filtered to remove chlorine and other chemicals that may have been added during treatment.

Still, bottled water is also a good choice.

Should ferrets have a water bowl or water bottle?
Should ferrets have a water bowl or water bottle?

Can ferrets drink anything else other than water?

Like most animals you should only ever give water to your ferret to drink.

Also like most animals, if you give anything else to your ferret there is a good chance that he will drink it, but it probably won’t be good for him and might make him unwell.

Only give clean, fresh water to your ferrets.

How much water should I give my ferret?

It’s difficult to say just how much water your ferret will need.

The best and safest option is to always make sure that your ferret has access to water.

Check his water dish regularly and top it up whenever it needs doing.

In hot weather, or if your ferret has been playing, he will consume a lot more water than when conditions are cooler ( just like you would ), so be extra vigilant and check more frequently that he has enough.

Ferrets also like to play in and with their water dishes so be prepared to replace water often if your pet enjoys a paddle.

How do I stop my ferret from tipping his water dish over?

Get a dish that fixes to the side or base of his ferret house. This will stop him from moving it but it will make cleaning more difficult for you.

Buy a dish that is designed for puppies or dogs such as spaniels.

These types of dishes tend to be sloped at the sides and often have anti slip surfaces on the bottom.

These features make it more difficult for the dish to be tipped over – although a determined pet will always succeed in the end.

Get a heavy dish. A dish made of ceramic or stone that is heavy and tricky to move could be the solution.

Try to find one that is not too deep and that doesn’t take up too much room. Something like this Ethical Stoneware Dish on Amazon would be a good option.

What about a water bottle for ferrets?

Although you will find water bottles for sale that are advertised as being suitable for ferrets you really should avoid them.

Ferrets like to lap when they drink, just like cats and dogs, and, unlike rabbits who can suckle from a water bottle, ferrets struggle to do this.

You could end up with a very dehydrated ferret if you choose a water bottle.

Final Words

Use a good bowl that is resistant to chewing at that will be difficult to tip over.

Keep it clean and always make sure that it is topped up with fresh water.

Your ferret will drink when he wants which will keep him healthy and, he’ll probably go for a paddle too, which will help him to enjoy himself.