Do ferrets like to climb?

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If you have ferrets then you’ll have noticed just how energetic and inquisitive they can be and this can extend to climbing various things.

Ferrets can climb and they will display some serious determination to climb an object, particularly if there is something that they want or like the look/smell of. You should watch out for your ferret if he is a climber, ferrets have little sense for risk and, if he falls his small body may not cope well with the resulting impact.

Can Ferrets Live Outside?
Can Ferrets Live Outside?

Making your home climbing ferret proof

It is very important to be aware of the potential dangers in your ferret’s home and take steps to reduce any risk.

Start with looking around so that you are aware of just how many objects your ferret could climb, it may seem obvious but you’d be surprised by what can offer a climbing area – even an open door.

When you have identified all of the problem areas then start ferret proofing.

The most common things that your ferret could climb up or fall off are as follows:

Cupboards/shelves – use a baby gate or block access to these areas unless they are out of reach. If you have a cat flap then you could consider blocking access to this too.

Plug sockets – even if they are turned off your ferret may still be able to short something out so keep an eye on them when they are under the desk, behind the sofa etc.

Bath – this should obviously be out of reach, if not – block access

do ferrets like to climb
Do ferrets like to climb?

Window ledges – again your ferret could either fall or escape so avoid these. If you have a basement or cellar then make sure that it is securely closed and locked as this may be an access point for them to get out of the house.

High speed fans – this is usually a pretty obvious one but if you have high speed fans in your rooms then make sure that they are turned away from anything that your ferret could climb on.

Open door or window – obviously these should be closed and locked, if not secure with some kind of child safety device.

Pots/plant containers – these are another fairly obvious one but if they are within your ferrets height range then you need to secure them using a screw, screw gate or similar.

Tall furniture – this could include wardrobes, book cases and the like. You should check these for stability and be aware of the ferrets ability to move them.

Large Outdoor Cage with Climbing
Outdoor enclosure with six levels for safe climbing

Other considerations for climbing ferrets

In addition you should also be aware of any other dangers around your home. Inevitably there will be things that you can’t completely stop being touched but these precautions may help to reduce the risk.

Medication/medicine – make sure that this is out of reach and stored safely, if your medication is in the bathroom then keep it away from the edge of the bath or basin.

Chairs/sofas/staircases – your ferret may fall off these so be aware of how secure they are. If you have a second story then consider blocking access to stairs if possible.

Plants – these are another obvious one but be careful of poisonous plants and place out of reach

Food/water bowls – your ferret may fall in if they get too close to the edge, also ensure that there is nothing toxic within their reach

Kitchen utensils – these are another obvious one but make sure that they are locked away when not in use to avoid injury

Anything small and shiny – these can be associated with food so will often bring attention from your ferret, if he sees it as part of his food then he will try to climb towards it.

Are ferrets good climbers?

Yes, a determined ferret or one that really likes to climb will be able to negotiate and climb most things, these would include:





Gates and doors

And pretty much everything else.

Although they are proficient climbers it is important to note that ferrets are nowhere near as agile as cats and. whereas a cat can jump and fall safely and with good judgement, a ferret does not possess this ability.

So, if you let your ferret climb then only do so under controlled conditions so that he doesn’t risk injury or worse.

Final Words

It is up to you to decide what risks your ferret is exposed to, obviously the more climbing that he does then the more likely it is that he will fall or get stuck somewhere.

Ferrets are very inquisitive creatures and they do like to explore so you need to be aware of what could happen if they climb up something (or that something falls down on them) and be prepared to intervene if you feel it is necessary.