Can ferrets wear collars?

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Ferrets are a domesticated animal that can be kept as a pet. This article will discuss if ferrets can wear collars or not.

In general, it is believed that ferrets should not wear collars because they could get choked by their own collar, but others argue that ferrets should have collars with tags on in case they escape and get lost.

Wearing a collar has been proven to be problematic for ferrets. Ferrets have delicate necks, and collars put too much pressure on their bones, which can cause injury. Ferrets could also get caught up if their collar became snagged on something which could lead to choking and other injuries.

Collars are not suitable for ferrets

According to the veterinarians at Ferret Central, collars are not suitable for ferrets.

Ferrets could also choke if their collar became snagged on something and this would be an awful way to end your pet’s life.

There have been many reported incidents of injuries caused by a collar when a ferret got into some mischief and the collar got caught on something.

It is important to remember that ferrets are lively, energetic animals that love to climb and explore places, such as holes.

A collar can get caught on a whole range of things and, if a ferret got his collar caught when climbing it could act as a noose.

Likewise a collar wearing ferret that tunnels is much more likely to get snagged on a buried tree root or other debris than one without.

Collars need to be fitted tightly to ferrets which is not ideal

Most ferrets can easily slip out of collars, meaning that they have to be fastened tightly to prevent escape.

It can be difficult to determine what tightness is suitable and often this can place the ferret at risk from a collar that is too tight.

Many collar wearing ferrets have suffered raw areas of skin where the collar has rubbed and often these types of injuries are not discovered until the collar is removed – which might not be very often.

Try using a harness instead

If you take your ferrets for walks then instead of using a collar you could try a harness.

Harnesses are much safer as they do not wrap around your ferret’s neck and they provide more security due to their design.

Unlike a collar, a ferret cannot escape from a harness as easily if at all.

There is a wide selection of harnesses available, both at pet stores and online at places such as Amazon.

Most popular ferret harnesses

Final Words

We strongly advise against putting collars on ferrets.

The risks of injury, choking and even death are just too high to justify the wearing of something that has to be extremely tight to prevent the ferret from slipping out of it.

He doesn’t need one and, for walks, harnesses are much safer.