Can ferrets eat tuna fish?

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Can Ferrets Eat Tuna and Other Fish?
Can Ferrets Eat Tuna and Other Fish?

Ferrets are carnivores and they need meat in their diet to stay fit and healthy.

As a ferret owner you may wonder if there are alternative and safe food options for your pet that are similar to meat such as fish.

Tuna fish can be given to ferrets but it should only be offered in small amounts and, in all honesty, it’s not the best food choice for this animal. Ferrets absolutely need meat in order to survive and, although it’s theoretically possible for a ferret to eat fish, he is much better eating real meat.

Tuna and Ferrets

Ferrets can eat tuna but this is a very unhealthy choice of food. Tuna is not nutritionally balanced and it does not contain all the nutrients a ferret needs.

The American Ferret Association recommends to avoid feeding your pet tuna because it does not contain the nutrients that a ferret needs.

Tuna often contains mercury and other chemical contaminants from their growth in the wild, so eating this fish can lead to serious health problems such as mercury poisoning.

can ferrets eat tuna fish
Tuna fish provides little benefit to ferrets

Can ferrets eat canned tuna fish?

If you are determined to feed tuna fish to your ferret then you should not feed canned tuna.

Caned tuna has often undergone some form of processing and even if it is in brine it may not be suitable for your ferret.

Never give canned tuna in oil and avoid canned tuna that has flavorings or other additives.

The safest route is to simply not feed canned tuna of any description.

Can ferrets have tuna steaks?

This is the only form of tuna fish that you should give to a ferret.

As mentioned above, however, I do not recommend feeding tuna fish to ferrets, whatever the type.

What Should Be Fed to Ferrets?

Ferrets should be given only meat, which is extremely important.

Their diet must contain a lot of protein and fat. This is the reason why ferrets eat prey in the wild such as small rodents, birds or reptiles: these animals are full of nutrients and they provide everything that ferrets need for their development.

The best foods for your ferret are prey based foods such as mice, raw meat such as chicken or lamb and purpose made ferret foods from pet suppliers.

Final Words

You can give tuna fish to a ferret but he will be much better off eating meat.

Ferrets need meat in their diets and, although tuna fish offers similar benefits to other animals, this is not true of ferrets who should only be fed meat.

Tuna fish is not really a good or sensible option as a ferret food.