Can ferrets eat raw chicken?

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Ferrets are adorable little creatures with a mischievous streak that can’t help but make them appealing. They’re often kept as pets and it’s not difficult to see their appeal – they’re fun, cuddly, and endlessly entertaining.

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Can Ferrets Eat Tuna and Other Fish?

For this reason, many people who have ferrets will feed their pet raw chicken or other meats in order to provide the best possible diet for them. However, while there may be some benefits to feeding your ferret raw meat, there are also potential risks associated with it which should be taken into consideration before you start giving your pet animal raw meat on a regular basis.

Although chicken is the most commonly fed meat to ferrets, raw chicken and other meats with bones are also safe for your pet. Your ferret would enjoy pulling the meat off and chewing on bones cleans teeth as well as provides dietary calcium.

What’s the best type of raw chicken to feed to a ferret?

Introducing your ferret to raw meat is important.

He will likely not like it the first time, but would benefit from learning to enjoy it early on.

If he has never eaten any raw food before, his stomach might get upset when you first introduce him to eating raw chicken.

Your ferret will enjoy raw chicken breast, thighs, legs and wings all of which provide good levels of protein and fat for your pet.

If the meat has been refrigerated or frozen then you should always allow it to defrost fully and reach room temperature before feeding to your ferret.

Is raw chicken good for ferrets?

Yes, raw chicken is good for ferrets. Preferably it should be organic and free range in order to avoid any potential additives that may be harmful to your pet’s health.

It’s important not to feed too much raw chicken at once as this could cause a number of problems including weight gain and malnutrition.

You should keep your ferret’s diet as varied as possible and if you do want to raw feed your ferret then try adding some dried ferret kibble to his meals as well as the raw chicken.

This will help to maintain correct nutrition levels and will also prevent your ferret from becoming bored with his meals.

Freeze dried raw whole chicken necks
Perfect choice for ferrets and other carnivores

Can ferrets eat other forms of raw chicken?

Your ferret will enjoy the offal from chickens – heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and you can also feed raw chicken skin to him.

The offal ( organs ) contain particularly good levels of vitamins and minerals all of which are of great benefit to the health of your pet.

They also taste good which your ferret will appreciate and enjoy.

Can ferrets eat raw chicken bones?

Yes, your ferret can eat raw chicken bones and these will be a good source of protein as well as other nutrients.

The raw bones are safe for ferrets to eat due to their digestive systems which are able to cope with this type of food source.

Can ferrets eat raw chicken necks?

Yes, your ferret can have the chicken necks but you need to be sure that these have not been cooked prior to feeding them to your pet.

Raw chicken neck is particularly good for your ferret as it contains some bone which he will enjoy chewing on and this will also help to keep his teeth clean.

Chicken necks are also a good source of protein so they’re just as healthy for your furry friend as other parts of the animal that you might feed him like raw meat or offal.

You should keep in mind though that if the raw chicken has come from factory farmed sources then there may be higher levels of toxins present in it and so would not be advisable to feed your ferret.

If you are concerned about this then it’s a good idea to source your chicken from organic suppliers.

can ferrets eat raw chicken
Raw chicken makes a good meal for ferrets

Can ferrets eat raw chicken gizzards?

Yes, your pet will readily accept chicken gizzards and they can be fed to him as part of his overall diet.

They can also help maintain correct digestive system functioning and prevent any problems.

If your ferret has never tried raw chicken gizzards before then you might want to start by offering him just one or two pieces so that he can get used to eating them.

You only need to feed a very small amount of these due to their low nutritional content but they will provide interest for your ferret and also help to keep his teeth clean.

Can ferrets eat raw chicken feet?

Yes, it’s fine for your pet to have access to these types of foods if he likes them.

Ferrets are more likely to enjoy raw chicken necks so prior to feeding him the feet you should try offering a few of these and see how he gets on because they are more nutrient dense than chicken feet.

If you do feed your ferret raw chicken feet then there is a good chance that he may try to chew them rather than suck any meat out of them but this will still help with cleaning his teeth.

It’s probably best not to feed too many of these though so that your ferret doesn’t fill up on them and end up missing out on other foods he needs.

Raw chicken feet are not a part of a natural ferret diet and so you should only feed them on special occasions.

I found a some great raw foods and raw ferret has access to plenty of clean and fresh water when he is eating.

Affiliate Disclaimer

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.