Can ferrets eat eggs?

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  • Date: September 15, 2022
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If you own ferrets then you’ll probably want to try and introduce some variety into their diet either as treats or as a way of preventing them from becoming bored with the same foods.

There are several things that can be given to ferrets but what about eggs? Can you feed eggs to ferrets?

Yes, ferrets can have eggs which can be either cooked or fed raw. Eggs should only be fed to ferrets occasionally and not more than twice per week as too many could cause stomach upsets and constipation.

Can ferrets eat raw eggs?

Your ferret can eat raw eggs but you may struggle to get him to accept them or to show interest in them.

It is better to lightly scramble the eggs, without milk, butter or oil, and let them cool. By mixing the scrambled egg into your ferret’s normal food it is more likely that he will eat it and enjoy it.

Can ferrets get sick from raw eggs?

Raw eggs are safe for ferrets to eat but If your ferret eats too many then he could end up constipated.

Can ferrets eat hard boiled eggs?

These are a great occasional treat for a ferret. Not only do ferrets love the taste but they can also roll them around while they eat them, making feeding time great fun.

can ferrets eat eggs
Can ferrets eat eggs?

Can ferrets eat quail eggs?

Ferrets can eat many different types of eggs. The eggs that are safe for ferrets include:




Hen ( chicken )

You can feed the eggs raw and whole, just give your ferret the entire egg which it can roll around and crack open.

Or you can scramble the eggs as mentioned above.

Can ferrets eat egg shells?

It is safe to feed your ferret the eggshell or shell of a cut up boiled egg.

This can help to keep your ferrets teeth clean and trim by allowing them to practice using their teeth on the hard, crunchy surface, just as they would with a bone.

Can ferrets eat fried eggs?

You can feed your ferret a cooked egg but avoid frying the egg in oil, butter or other fatty sauces as these could make your ferret unwell and cause him to gain weight.

Fried eggs are probably not the best form of cooked eggs for ferrets.

Can ferrets eat scrambled egg?

Scrambled eggs are fine for ferrets to consume. However, you must be cautious about giving them a large serving of scrambled egg.

Your ferret needs meat in his diet so, although scrambled egg is okay for him, you shouldn’t feed it more than twice a week and this should only be small portions so that he doesn’t eat more than two eggs a week.

How to make scrambled egg for ferrets

Simply mix the egg up in a bowl to break up the yolk and then cook it, stirring to ensure that it ‘scrambles’.

Don’t add milk or butter or any other oils as these may not be good for your pet.

Are eggs good for ferrets?

The occasional egg is highly nutritious and healthy for ferrets but should only be given to your pet as a treat or reward.

Eggs contain high nutritional value because they provide good sources of nutrients such as:




Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12 in eggs, some other sources of B12 include meat, liver, milk and cheese.

Eggs are tasty for ferrets but do not feed your pet too much as they contain lots of fats that could make him overweight and cause health problems.

An occasional egg is fine but if you give your ferret eggs every day then he will quickly become bored with them.

Can ferrets eat egg yolks?

Yes, as mentioned above, you can feed your ferret all parts of an egg but raw egg yolks may not be very tasty or attractive to a ferret so it is best to only give them every now and again.

Egg yolks contain:



Vitamin A




Fats and proteins both provide energy for your ferret but only use eggs as a treat. If you feed your ferret egg yolks regularly then he could become overweight and suffer digestive problems.                                       

Final Words on Can Ferrets Eat Eggs

Eggs can be given to your ferret on occasion as a light snack or reward. Ferrets love eggs but they are not a major part of the diet and should only be fed occasionally.

Try mixing scrambled eggs into your ferrets food rather than letting him eat them raw, this way he will have fun playing with his food and still be able to enjoy the taste of eggs.

If you give your ferret an egg every day then he will quickly become bored with them.

Eggs are very nutritious and contain lots of vitamins but too many could cause health problems so avoid feeding your ferret egg yolks or whole cooked eggs on a regular basis.