About Us

Here at Goygar we cover a wide range of small and unusual pets that might not receive as much attention as others.

We’ve been involved with small animals for decades and are devoted to helping pet owners with their questions and need for information.

If you keep small or unusual pets then you’ll find guides, how to articles and ideas around products and other items that will help you to look after your pets.

The name Goygar is a name conjured up by my children when they were toddlers and was their word for when they referred to any type of animal – large or small – it’s a fitting name for a pet and animal related website.

We update regularly to cover as many small pets as possible so check back for updates.

Goygar.com is funded by affiliate commissions and advertising, none of which cost you anything but they help us to meet our costs.

I hope that you enjoy the site and find it useful.